Wednesday, March 08, 2006

| Ritz Carlton | 10 Mar'06 | HOYA's 10th Anniversary D&D | *claps* |

My company D&D's coming! *excited*

You all might be thinking that I'm excited over dressing up, taking pictures, etc etc. But NO! Not this time! As I do not know many people for now, taking pictures ain't that important.

I'm excited about lucky draw prizes!!

Top prize: 29" LCD TV!!!! (Price: SGD1700) - But I'm not so interested in this.

I'm interested in the 19th prize! Ipod!!! Heehee.

Or the twenty-something prize - Ipod Nano!!! Heehee.

Or maybe one of the many digital cameras. *I can sell it to buy an Ipod Nano and keep the rest!!*

BUT, I forgot to say that I never have luck in D&D lucky draws. I want the top 100 prizes PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!! And don't disappoint me by having my number called at the 400++th or 300++th or 200++th or 100++th prize. *prays hard*

I want cool prizes!!!!

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