Saturday, March 11, 2006

HOYA D&D Part I (My Camera Pics)


Fun-filled night!

Though I started the evening a little bored as I do not know much people, the night was still great. I reached Ritz Carlton at 7pm and greeted by very nice customer service. Whenever I asked for directions, I was lead to the exact location I want to go. For example, I didn't know I was at Level 3 cause I came in from somewhere near MS. When I asked a lady the location of Level 1's Ballroom, she lead me to the exact location! From all the way! Thats what customer service should be! But at the ballroom, to be greeted by all unfamiliar faces is such a sad thing to be. Luckily, I made a call to Gab which made things easier. At least I don't look dumb! Phew! Thanks Gab.

So much mentioned about my D&D lucky draw. There're 448 prizes to be exact. I didn't get my Ipod nor Ipod Nano. But phew, I've got myself the 49th prize. Not too bad yah? Its a $150 Isetan voucher. Yeah! I can go shopping soon! *claps* 8/10 in my table got some prize. The best prize is Alex's $300 voucher. He's terribly overwhelmed with joy!! YW's vacuum cleaner that he won was kinda funny too! He said, on our way home yest, that he was thinking that he better don't win that vacuum cleaner as it was of total useless to him. *haha* Oh yah, forgot to mention that he's the organiser of this D&D. He did a lot for this. A LOT. I find that I myself, too, have this 'fault' of his - To do everything by myself, Bao-ka-liao. I find him a reflection of me when I was doing Hall 6 D&D 2003. Seeing him arranging the ppl into tables and choosing to handle personally reminded me of what I was 3 years back. Good and Bad I would say. And yah, he's my 师父! And no regrets having him as my 师父. I admire him for his character, his integrity and his attitude towards things in life. *claps*

I was the more under-dressed I feel. I can't image how did the production workers get to dress up so much! I do not even have time to do my hair-do! *faint*

So here are the pictures. Some are still in my colleague's camera. So these are what I have in my camera. Will create another post when I get the other pics from my colleagues.

The Stage
The lightings (I'm with colleague Bob)
The 3 guys who are ealiest to reach, but they are still later than me.
(L->R: Bob, Alex Ong, Adrian)
My friend, Ni, joining HOYA SUPERSTAR! She's got 3rd prize! *claps*
Group Picture of my dept - Post Sputter Group!
(Technicians + Engineers)
1st Row (L->R): Au(white shirt), Eugene(white shirt + casual suit), Bob(Maroon shirt)
2nd Row (L->R): My Tech (4got his name), YW a.k.a 师父 (Formal suit w. tie), Alex Ong (strips shirt), Alvin (shirt + suit)
3rd row (L->R): My Tech (4got his name), Chong Huat (White shirt), me!, Vincent's wifey (in pink), Vincent (pink shirt + mini i-dunno-what-its-called), Eileen (curled longer hair) and Jeanette (Short Str8 hair).
4th row: Adrian (Face only)
My Technicians (Except the one in black suit is my grp leader )
Alan (Store), me, Bob
Me, Chong Huat and Adrian. And btw, I mentioned Chonghuat in my blog before. He's the one who brought me from the reception to the office on my official 1st day of work!
Me and Alex Ong. He sits directly next to me and we share the same extenstion number. I gotta pity him for the need to entertain me everyday. And when he tries to introduce guys to me, or to tease me and with another colleague, I'll give him a hard smack on his upper arm. And he sits beside me yesterday during D&D too, he suffered quite a lot of smacks again. Haha. He also suffered my suan-ing sessions. Poor dude.
Me and my group leader a.k.a Nanny, 保姆, 队长, 组长, GL, etc etc. (I gave him too many nicknames that he is used with whatever I calls him)
HOYA SUPERSTARS!!! I personally like the 3 japanese ladies (Those in the centre in white tops and pink long skirts) very much! Esp the one in the centre. She's v.posed, v.gentle, v.geisha-kind-of-lady.

The Japanese in madness! I realise that Japanese can be v stern, but when they're out to play! Its total MADNESS!!! Even the CEO dance together!!
I'm sure these Japanese had a wonderful time. Not to forget one of my idol (also Ni's manager), Ishiyama-san a.k.a. 一只野马, yearly 口号:"HOYA NUMBER 1"!!!

Finally caught my 师父 to catch a pic! I think he looks really good in suit. And yah, he was last yr's pageant winner. HOYA's Hunk. :x *HOYA's got limited choice you see*

And finally, caught Ni after her busy day with the HOYA SUPERSTAR competiton.
And don't forgot my grp leader's wifey! She's Aiwah! The lady in the pic. They got to know each other in HOYA and now, happily married. Her diamond earings and large diamond ring can shine u off your seat! But they are never proud people.

Post D&D Activity
You can never imagine where I went. I cannot imagine too. Yes, I do expect that I might go clubbing. BUT never did it come across my mind that I will go to.... the previous C.A.N.T.O.! *SZ, does it ring a bell to you?* *haha, burst out laughing* For those who doesn't know what and where's C.A.N.T.O., it was a disco pub at MArina South that was such a talk-about when I was like 12-14 years old? They play songs like chinese techno! And they used to have this cheer,"C, A, N, T, O. CANTO CANTO!!" *Burst out laughing again*

Alright. NOw its not C.A.N.T.O. alr. Its called Shanghai. (Not Shanghai Sally's) It plays chinese techno too. For e.g, Guo Mei Mei's techno versions, Jay Chou's techno version! I even heard Jolin's 说爱你 and I-forgot-who's 晓薇 in Techno version. There's no cover charge for this place but you must place a minimum order of about $200 drinks to enter. I think its more like a KTV session, just that you danced and shout your lungs out this time. Its really damn kinky.

But its fun to see them sing to their cantonese songs with the live band! And I think the live band is good. Its also surprising to see Alex and my 师父 went too. Was surprised to see Alex Ong joining us after he send his friend home. He is, to me, the more reserved kind. He's always saying that I'm a happening girl, when I think I am totally not. He did let go a bit yesterday after some drinks. I think he's v.stress recently over some production matters. 师父's supposed to be back home to Malaysia for 2 wedding dinners. He was to leave SG 6am. But he actually came and stayed till 330am. He's a tough cookie, as I mentioned before, and I think he's the toughest guy I've seen so far. Really. He was high and enjoying himself, a little different from his usual self. I believe one has to let go as and when. To girls, shopping is one great way. For guys, to indulge in their fav music and booze and rock to the beat satisfy them enough. I'm a cross in between these 2 gender. I need both. :)

Was touched when Chong huat and my 师父 who both stays in Jurong West sent me home before they made their way home. Nice great colleagues!

Homed safe and sound at 4am. Wonderful night.


tornado said...

wow, congrats on winning the 49th prize. Maybe you can go isetan to see if they got sell Ipod or Ipod nano. If not, you can sell ur voucher for cash then u can get your Ipod or Ipod nano. Hee.

jing xian said...

Thanks friend!

But my Ipod Nano will cost me $400+ for the 4G one. I've gotta save a few months!

I can buy cosmetics with my voucher! But I work in cleanroom, cannot use makeup to work. Haha. :x