Saturday, April 01, 2006

Filled to the brim

Just came back from a buffet dinner at Swissotel Merchant Court. Filled to the brim, I would say. I wouldn't comment that it is fantastic. Its more of eating for the sake of eating the worth of the cost of the meal. Its a treat from my manager, from his own pocket. Probably because its bonus time. And heard that managers' bonus were quite a sum. Anyways, the bonus of my company for March is 1.3. Meaning 1.3 x monthy salary. Everyone's getting huge pay check this month, except me. Cause I'm a few days away before I complete 3 months of service. So I missed this one. I'm not sore about it anyways. If you know me well, I don't take money that seriously. If its yours, its yours. A clean happy soul is more important than anything else.

I went back to work today. Another good learning day. But it was tough that we finished at 7+pm and were late for the department buffet. But nonetheless, we had a good feast.

My dept people... Only took 3 pics. And I'm the only girl in the dept. So whats wrong of being a female engineer? Guys have more interesting jokes to share. And most imptly, they are more focused when work is concern.

I'm still under the shadow of childish behaviour. And my colleagues think that I'm playful and wild. Which I think EVERYONE whom I know will undoubtedly disgaree with this misconception. Only time will tell.

Intensive jogging tmr, to dissolve the rubbish in my stomach.

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