Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to you, you and you.

Celebrating 3 colleague's bday today!

Birthday boys!

Grp Pic!

Phew. There's a female technician this time ard, making me not the only female in the pic. Speaking of that, I was at this new production line when my new machines are moved in. And after being there since morning, I only realise, in the afternoon, that I'm the only girl inside the line. They argue that I might be the only girl in the whole building. Since there's construction of one more new line going on at another half of the building, where there's not possible to have any females with all those muddy construction works going on. Hahaha.

My machines are here. Time to go busy and get high on learning things!

I've finish Angels and Demons. Its awesomely good. Grab it!

Now, I've started Memoirs of a Geisha. Just 20 pages into the book and I realised the movie missed out a lot. I haven't even reach the start of the movie. Wonderful read.

Short post. To catch up sleep for tmr's energy.

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