Friday, April 14, 2006

I was so so tired yesterday, that I couldn't even read the magazines I bought. I'm like flipping through them with nothing going into the brain, trying to pass time till it is bed time.

Its such a short week. It just pass with half a wink. I'm starting my behavioural correction well. Good for me. Glad to see my colleague in his smiley and chirpy self again. Can't bear to see pple ard me feeling down. I'm still startled yesterday. Saw a step-down transformer blown, with some (relatively huge, to me at least) sparks going off, and burnt some parts of the stainless steel plate 'chao ta'. It scares the hell out of me. I was so stunned, but luckily for my colleague who had burnt a few things in the past, to react to it efficiently. If its me, I guess I'm be too stunned to move. And since my transformer is burnt, I can't proceed with my PLC programming. But I learn something about electrical arcing which might be the cause of the blow. Electrical and mechanical goes so much hand in hand. One can't work without another.

I was like a maid yesterday, cleaning all the old experiment disks. Not that we are preparing for the 5S thingy coming up, but we need the space to put more reliability expt samples for the new production line which I'll be doing next week I predict. So its a busy week ahead!

I didn't plan for my weekend. So my weekend's in a mess. No plans or whatever. I don't mind resting at home in fact. I'm still tired. I've got invitation to Nigel's church's play. I'm quite interested in the play. And I'm quite impressed that on most occasions, they actually bother to invest their time into something not everyone appreciates. But again, I know something is pulling me back. I'm still scared. Maybe I'm scared of changes too. Usually I'm not so charged of other changes. But I'm scared of spiritual changes. I still can't receive changes in an open heart.

I'm still tired now. Maybe I didn't sleep well. Maybe I'll rest at home till I meet HJ in the evening. It has been long since I last catch a movie. But I don't have the habit of watching shows alone. Sigh. Anyway, nothing nice recently I think.

Back to rest... my comfort zone..

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