Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just as I was about to step out of house for jogging. A message from Chan came in. Clock was ticking at 5pm. Msg went..'Lin Jun Jie's JJ Party at 7pm. Expo.' Hmm... So... Change of plans.. until confirmation with Chan at 5.30pm... Bathe and out of hse at 6pm... :)

It wasn't too bad, considering its a free tix given from Chan's elder sis's bf's father who bought a car and was given these 4 tixs. But Chan's sis, a teacher, needs to mark her tons of books.. So.. Chan and younger sis, and me went.

Lin Jun Jie's another talented one I would say. He's a great music writer. (I don't know the term, but a person who writes the tune of songs) I don't really fancy a lot of his songs, but his tunes are definitely catchy. :)

If you know me well, I do love music. (Who doesn't?) But I don't grow up having idols. Too much to be bothered than idols. I'll nv understand how the fans scream their lungs out, without the help of booze. Haha.

Done with The Da Vinci Code. Up next, a biography I bought on impulse yesterday. Title 'SOLD'. A rather thin book, hope to last for 2 days. :)

On course for Monday and Tuesday.. ISO14001.. Eeeewwww......

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