Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm on cloud 9!

Not that my course was exciting, but I'm so relieved that the car accident insurance saga is finally over. An ordeal that I shouldered the past 1/2 year. I'm so so glad that it is solved. Phew. Nothing beats living in peace. Nothing. I'm simply happy enough with P.E.A.C.E. And I don't get that often.

The course was better than I expect. At least, I didn't fall asleep.

One more day for the course before I get back to work. But I think I miss quite a bit at work. They're doing the qualification samples today and tmr. Of all days, the 2 days I'm not around. Grr....

Ivan and Lynn got their executive HDB flat! Nice! I'm still saving up money for mine...

I was sinking into sadness with my book. It just reflect how weak women are in many other parts of country. I agree that women, being the emotional one, is the weaker gender. I cannot deny that being a home-maker lies in the hands of the females gender. It is the make of the world that things are so. Ask ANY religion, the female are often perceived 'dirty', 'weak', 'have-to-be-submissive', etc etc. We all can't deny this fact. There's never equality. Really. But this real life story struck me real hard. If men had to look down on women, by all means. I agree that male perform better in all fields compared to female. Medicine, engineering, mathematics, sciences, arts, and even culinary. But this real life story depicts inhumanity. :~( Maybe some things are just meant to be so.

Tired, physically.

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