Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lucky that I'm back home early today. I need my jog. It cure my negative emotions. But they aren't really negative emotions i think, not PMS either since 'it' just past. I think its because I've been missing lunch nowadays due to my poor HP reception in production lines. I tend to forget about lunch (esp when I'm working alone) and having the 2 car owners on leave for these 2 weeks, it doesn't help but aggravate my tummy. Now, I'm starting to ponder if I shld sign up for a singtel line instead. *sigh* But the phone I fancy priced at $788. How to? Grrr.....

My Chinese Horoscope today:
A heavy workload is your main grouse right now. Do not be reluctant to request for assistance if you find it difficult to handle the load. Try not to whine to much though.
Got meh? Slightly more workload than usual, but still easy to handle. Nothing to whine about too, except that the Omron Touchscreen can't communicate with the PC!!! Grrrrrr.....

My Astrology Horoscope today:
Not every day is meant to be earth shattering. You may find yourself wanting some fizzy feeling that just isn't there right now. Breathe deeply, relax and consider the ebb and flow of it all. Do something good for your health in preparation for the exciting times to come! Drink water, plan your meals ahead of time, get out there are do a little exercise. Don't despair - the good times are just around the corner!
How apt!!! Hahahaha.. Good times... I'm waiting... Probably it meant the weekends~ Hee

It reflects how bo liao I am. I seldom surf for horoscope and astrology until I read someone else's blog on her good spirits with horoscope predicts that I wonder if what mine will be. Haha. Bleah.

Anyway, for those who might be interested. This is the phone I'm eyeing.

Its $788!!!

Though there are cheaper alternatioves like W800i and K750i.

I fancy black phones! White (W800i) turns yellow fast, though its camera lens switch slides in a way so cool.. BUT it'll be sad to get a phones of which I don't like its colour. K750i falls short in functions as compared to W810i. And for the complains people made on its recent batch.. Hmmm... Anyone willing to sponsor me? Just half a K will do, I'll top up the rest. Hahahahahaha................

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