Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Beginning a day without waking up in time is the worst thing to start a day with. Yes. I forgot to adjust my alarm clock last night, and being woke up by mum at 720am doesn't help much too. But I'm lucky to have a great mum who prepared everything for me, by filling up my water bottle and get a loaf of bread from downstairs so that I will not starve the morning w/o breakfast. I was out of the house in 10 mins time. For all reason, today is the right day to wear a black top. Haha.

The day didn't go that bad for a really kind cabby driver that don't mind going to my company transport's pickup point to check if it really left before heading PIE towards Tuas. He's such a gentleman to ensure that the radio is on and not too loud/soft for my liking. And he checked if I wish to sleep or do my own things before he starts a conversation with me. It reall does made my day.

Work was as usual, a mixture of fun and slight boredom. Some teasing on me as usual. I suspect that one colleague has already figured out my blog. I mentioned in my previous entry about this guy who keeps on asking where my boyfriend was. And today, he asked me, about a hundred times, "So, who do you like?". And in alliance with my partner, Alex, they found a conclusion, their assumed baseless conclusion. I had to forsake one friend who they previously attempt to put me together with. And I sensed that this one is coming too. A pity that this one happens to be, not only a colleague, but also a great mentor and friend. Tragic heh... But alright, for the fun of it, or rather, for their fun. Boohoo~ Life's still great.

And seeing my DSI's FYP supervisor, Dr. Chen is equally scary. He just reminds me of how terrified I was. And how I was so freakingly stressed that fainted at home, with my skull still dented due to the impact of my unconscious head falling right onto the concrete floor. *OUCH*

Something I'm so proud of today. I did PLC programming and it worked!! Yeah~ And its the chim-er version of PLC, the omron type. Felt so delighted when the machine rang the alarm, which was what I wanted it to happen. But its just a small section of editting PLC, even less significant than a peanut. But well, my first try. :)

I'm just home like 15 mins ago. If not for a lift from a colleague of another dept who sits digonally behind me, I would be still on my way home now. I always love taking his car. His conversations always make me smile. Logically yet funny. Totally kept entertainment the 15 min journey from company to jurong point where I can take a cab easily. I think he's added to my list of entertaining people. On the list, there's only Ivan. Ivan jokes are more to those which you can have good long laughs. This colleague's jokes are consistantly funny, with logic! More people like these!!

I've got another good cabby on my way back too. Nice conversations again. Not too much, but just enough. Btw, I have to mention about the cabby I took to Nigel's church last Sat. Even though I've not idea where is the church and he accidentally went the long way. He actually stopped the 'charge meter' and charged me a dollar less. And you would know me, I'm never stingy with money. No matter how hard I reject, he still refuse to accept. Though I usually don't have pleasant rides with Malay drivers (Not racist here, but they always doesn;t seem to be in gd mood), I think this particular one made me feel otherwise.

Time for bed, to be in time to wake up tmr. Rem the alarm, the alarm...

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