Monday, May 29, 2006

Do you have the gift of 6th sense?

I do!

I've this close colleague (not that particularly close, but the closer one among all) who's on 1/2 day leave today. But my ever great 6th sense tells me that he'll be back before lunch. How proud I was, at my inner self of course, when I received an office call from his before lunch time asking for lunch! So proud that I lost my reaction senses and ended up acting as if I do not know who is the caller. Proud. Egoistic.

But sometimes, I don't know if my 6th sense is also part of my logic. Prediction can also be done by logic. At least, to me, it seems so.

Oh well... So whats the number up for 4D? *counting fingers*.... *still counting*.....*and counting*..... CLUELESS!!!

As I was typing this entry, I'm so so deepyly happy for a friend. She has been my greatest friend, greatest supporter, greatest companion and greatest thinker. Always full of ambition, she's sometimes caught between prospects/money and passion/joy. I'm glad she finally got her chance. She's offered a job at the country's most prized research institute. Not the normal research institute, but National Defence's. Her longed department - Weapons. Her passion. Her love. Her joy. I'm glad she chose passion and joy over prospects/money. Trash that old dirty job!

So what if you're working in the most money drilling industry that drills oil but wiping away environmental concerns, chasing animals from their natural habitat to extinction anddriving people away from their beloved homeland by turning their grounds into oil mills?

Would your conscience be clear earning that fat pay cheq with months andmonths of bonuses awaiting?

I rather be simple, self-sufficient, yet happy.

Chan, congrats on your longed job! It'll take you longer and further in life! I'm proud of your courage! I'm glad that I do my little bit to keeping your faith alive, like how you supported me when I was struggling my bad times.

Thought of the day:
My days are enriched.


tornado said...

Hmmm.... oil rig drill oil
=> damage environment
=> make petrol
=> provide for transportation

Weapons research
=> more deadly weapons?
=> more lives?
=> also not simple ma

But anyway, out of point. ;p

Think the basis is not about the type of job, but about your purpose in life. To earn more money, naturally you'll slog more. To live a purposeful life, you'll find one that you like. God provides. =)

jing xian said...

Weapons research => Defence for country. ;p

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