Sunday, May 28, 2006

Its an oh-so-busy weekend. It has been long since I last had one such.

Friday was a day full of twist. Initially, I had plans for a gathering with Trinity's peeps. But my dear colleague, XN, asked for a movie - DVC. I was geared up to watch it (and to give a miss to N's church's gathering), until a call came in at 530pm. As my colleague needs to rush to his church's kid camp in msia, I answered his quest for help, forsaking the movie. My work ended at about 8pm, which makes me still in time for the gathering. I'm glad I joined them. I enjoyed myself and knew a couple more people. They were all from different care cells, but they were majority from NTU. Probably, that makes things close at heart too. They have made plans for DVC too! Everything just seem to fall into place,neatly. As what Cat once told me, it simply takes some fate. Though I still can't be sure, things are still going well. At least, this religion didnt scare me, but gave me some good visions to life.

Saturday's a busy busy one too. Spend my afternoon shopping for gift for a colleague topresent him during his BBQ invite. But I think I was even happier to know that Kinokuniya is on 20%! I grabbed 6 books on the spot! Books that were on my book-list. :) When is Borders having their sale? Haha.

I went to a church service for the first time. The thing that attracted me was the attempt to clarify things of DVC. I wanted some facts to my doubts too, though after reading the book, I don't find it that good. I'm glad I knew more about the facts. On a serious note, I'm still not used to the service. Probably, the time has yet to come. Or I'm not a public vocal and expressive person to express love for a religion. Probably, I still need more time.

BBQ at colleagues place was good! I was too tired to BBQ after a long day, but I still managed to get bits and pieces of food here and there. In fact, I enjoyed this gathering compared to the previous feast. This BBQ is so 'feel-easy' and a good chill-out interaction. Simple pleasures are the greatest treasures in life. :)

The BBQ ended and we all visited their apartment. The first impression when my cab dropped me off at the condo was what I've already pictured. Their condo named 'Maplewood' was so themed with their designs and architecture. Their orangey and peachy colours just fit into the idea of 'Maplewood' so cohesively.

As we were looking for things to enjoy in their apartment, we start playing.... Mahjong.. For those who know me, I seldom play MJ. In fact, I nv played money in any MJ game before. I was my first time yesterday. Begineer's luck you may say, I won!! I won $10.60!! Yeah!! But well, if not for my 5-tai zi-mo game, which I won a whooping $6.40 from each of them, I might be one of the losers. *yeah* *claps for my win* Ended the day at 2am.

8am this morning, with less than 5 hrs of sleep, I'm out of my hse to Malaysia. Not relative visiting, but I have to settlemy dental problems. I had so many decayed teeth that I can't afford to mend them in Spore. Grr.... After my dental at 3pm, its relative visiting, house-hopping a.k.a food munching and pasar malam shopping. My day ended with a great feast. Sinful sinful day.

I need to rest for work tmr! May life be as fulfilled as what I had! :D

Thought of the day:
"I hate myself for loving you... Can't break free from the things that you do..."


tornado said...

Glad that you enjoyed yourself in the WP party! You have the choice! =)

See you at living a G-rated life in a X-rated world. ;p

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