Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I fell in love with....


Haha! My favourite book hunt used to be Bugis's Kinokuniya. But it just changed today. Its my first visit to Borders (Ya, I'm slow) and I'm completely in love with the collection they have! If I hadn't drag myself home to allow myself an early night today, I would have camped there. If I weren't this broke this month, I would have easily took a few books off the shelves! Phew! But I recorded all the books I WANT to get and I think they can easily cost me a good 300 bucks.

Saying abt broke, yes, its a poor month for me, after my new handphone and my new hair. Gotta tighten my cash a bit. I'm so broke to even renew my National Geographic which is only $49 for a yr's subsciption. Anyway, I'm applying a c.c. so that I need not pay through cheq or money order which is such a chore! Wait till my card is here then.

I seriously think The Da Vinci Code is overly publicised. You'll see BIG posters everywhere. You see more and more conspiracy theories of Christianity all over the book shelves! OMG! Everybody is getting so hyped up by the movie. I was once hyped up over it that I chose to read the book before the movie. And I realised that those who are all so excited abt this movie are those who hadn't read the book yet. Oh man! In fact, I prefer his Angels and Demons any time. Although Angels and Demons do picture a little negative on Catholic stuff, it is definitely acceptable in my context as it eventually still shows that religion teaches people good. The Da Vinci Code may be interesting in portraying a different theory of Christianity that, in my opinion, may have agreeable context. (Except the part on sexual acts of orgasm allows one to 'feel' God which I totally have to disagree) But it came too strongly to dignigrate Christainity to allow the conspiracy theory to outshine. Especially true for free thinkers like me. And as such, so many books are riding on The Da Vinci Code's 'Label'. Like 'The secret supper', 'Opus Dei', 'The Lost Gospel', 'The Judas Gospel', etc etc. are just so 'HOT' this season. They ALL over the bookshelves. All all all because of this movie. Too much of something is not good. And with so much information which I call it information flood, I'm so lost abt Christianity. If only they have a history book... I wonder if I shld watch it. Maybe not.

I was talking to this colleague from other dept. We don't know each other v.well. But I would say Phillipinos are really friendly peeps! And he's really cool. He shares all kind of jokes, hobbies, perceptions, etc etc. We chatted for like 15 mins today on his kids, his hobby of model making (which I tried making a model plane once too!) and reading! Ever so willing to share! And to me, thats what people shld be. I sometimes don't quite understand why people (or was it only my colleagues) keep their stuff so secretive. Or maybe I'm just too open to share my personal ideas and personal life.... One funny thing today, I ask him what he looks for in a wife. He told me that she must love kids, must be good and nice, AND must love sex!!! I asked him how he knows that she loves sex. And he said that he has to test it out first! *haha* And when I asked him if he accepts her like the way we purchase goods ---->Pls return if the seal is broken. He replied that anyway, you have to test it to know if the seal is broken, so anyhow, you still have to test it. Hmm...Right.. *hahahahaha*

Thought of the day:
(From the blog I always love reading. Lets call her Kew for future simplicity sake. Hope she doesnt mind.)
Adapted from Kew's blog....

Please forgive me, if i didn't say,
I love you, every single day.


tornado said...

go watch it lor. but remember to watch the da vinci conspiracy next sat (27 May). View my blog for more details. =)

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