Sunday, May 14, 2006

Met up with a friend. A friend whom we used to be so close, but due to my recent commitments to school, to work, I lost her. But it still feels good meeting her after almost 2 yrs of my disappearance.

She has changed a tiny bit I would say. She knew how to let go. Her 6-yr long relationship. I don't know if they are meant for each other. But I'm glad she knew how to stop pain and not to prolong her pain sometimes. She grew stonger.

She amused me with her encounters with fortune tellers, the geomancy stuff. Haha! Who doesnt want to know the future? Its just human nature of curiosity.

She reminded me of a 'game' I taught her 2 yrs back, when an IA friend tried it on me. Its the ring game. When u have a ring hooked on a chain, swing it XX times on the side of your palm, and if its circle, its the age XX that you knew your 'the one' and when its in vertical motion, its the age XX u get married. If it doesnt move it means nothing happens on age XX. She reminded me that mine was meeting the guy on age 24 and getting married on 26. In actual fact, I totally forgot about this game!! Age 24? Now? Hmm..How true? We shall see.

She also reminded me the cons of internet. The fact that we are stuck in front of our computer screen,typing away, dragging us from all other pending chores. I really have to agree to that. For my 2 days at home, I just surf net, with my radio tuned,and time just flies. I've not clear up my table, and in fact, they got more messy instead. I have yet to clear my bag which I wanted to do. I have yet to clear up my cupboard. I have yet to read my Sat's newspaper and Sunday is almost over now. What have I done? I just stay in front of my computer, surfing whole day long. Did I gain something more? Isn't the internet taking too much of our time? I don'teven get myself food when I'm at home. I just have a meal a day when I meet up with my friend. Life shouldn't be this way. Really. I'm letting internet wipping my life. My mum always complain that I'm always hiding in my room, as if I'm just a tenant. Sigh. Its time to do something.

And as I was typing this, I went to find my old blog. OMG! Now you know how much time I waste on the internet. For those interested, my virgin blog, 2.5 yrs ago, when blogger isnt that famous yet. Jing Xian's 1st blog. WoooooW!!! Pardon my not-so-refined language then.

Btw, this is how I look when I'm in production area. This is also the place wherestarhub doesnt work. So singtel rules. This also shows the quality of my hp's 2MP camera!

I better start do something with my table, my room, my house! And read my over due newspapers!

Thought of the day:
I'm sorry for my disappearance for 2 yrs. My final yr was tough as anyone's and my first few months of working life hasn't been great. Life have just started to settle down for me. I'll make up for the loss, my friend. You'll hv a friend in me, always.


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