Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm refreshed after a great jog! It has been 2 weeks since my last jog. This jog is definitely a need to freshen me. :)

Wasn't so pleased with some arrangement at work, due to worries that I may not be able to cope with new machines. Grr.. When I was expecting it coming, it had to put a full-stop to my dreams. Well well, I guess I could still learn about them, as long as do my basic part well. My motto, as always, everything is worth learning, even the slightest minute thing on earth. I'm not so affected by it. Its still a gr8 day at work! ;p

I'm hungry. As I look at my kitchen, I saw the Korean instant noodles that Mum bought. But why did she buy them when she turn off the gas valve!?! How to cook?!? *starving* I think I can only eat cup noodles, which is not available at home. Cup noodles and instant noodles are taboo at my home. Canned food and processed food (even hotdogs) are on permanent ban too! So why did mum buy the yummy Korean instant noodles to tempt me when the stove will not emit any gas? Bleah!!!!

I realised that I've got a fetish for housework. I particularly like doing the laundry. Although I'm the only person at home, I wash my clothes everyday. Its like a few pcs of stuff only, but I still insist on washing them. My hse's washing machine is a semi-auto one, due to the lack of piping facilities for an auto washing machine. But one of the water inlet valve is down, so its like a semi-semi-auto machine. But I still like to use it, though all the trouble. I must be mad.

Hungry. But I still have one new tub of ice-cream! *whooop... to the fridge!!*

Thought of the day:
Learning never end... Never end your smiles too!


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