Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I'm trying so hard to keep my sanity.

I better get some work done and keep myself busy. I'm not productive at work. And my mind keeps on wondering elsewhere.. to the back.... Wake up!

For those who knows me well, I do have a rather quick mind though my slow motions. My reactions to words, things, situations are rather fast. I can rebuke your words real fast, if I want to that is. Thats just how my brain works. It just trigger many possible ways to reply you. But I find myself a little far too random in choosing my replies recently. Maybe I shld think before I say. Be less 'reckless' with my words.

Sometimes, I do hate my brain. They think too much. I do not have very very high IQ. I only have about 140. Higher than average of 110, but fall short of the genius range of 160. If you've taken an IQ test before, you shld know an IQ test test the speed your brain works logic. I hate my brain sometimes.

I'm over a dilemma. Saturday, my colleague's BBQ from 6pm to 10pm. BUT, Trinity's Sat Service which will talk about the DVC conspiracy will be from 730pm to 9pm. I would wish I could go for both! But but.. How...

Thought of the day:
2 meaningful quotes I took from my current read, The Zaphir.
1) The energy of hatred won't get you anywhere, but the energy of forgiveness will transform your life in a positive way.
2) We can't allow ourselves the luxury of being unhappy all the time.

From Kew's blog,

我想我只能用情至深 但不能太认真

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