Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I received the Writ of Summon. Grr. I hate this thing that keeps on bothering me. I thought it was solved, especially when my ex-company received a letter on this claim and NTUC claim that they've solved it. BUT its here again. AGAIN. AGAIN and AGAIN. Grrrr!!!

BUT this time, I'm surprised I'm not particularly worried about it. I was shocked when my mum pass me the letter. But somehow I was assured when my buddy N. told me this,"Cast ur anxieties to God and He'll take care of the rest" (Quoting his exact words). Or maybe I'm immuned to all these as they happen oh-so-frequent this year that the worry no longer affect my mood.

I had a 'zombie-fied' day. I didnt sleep well last night, waking up on serveral occasions to turn on/off my fan.

I can sense that my eyelids are heavy, and I'm forcing them open at work. Maybe I have had a tough last-week and I hadnt got myself rest over the weekend. And with the idea of needing a 1/2 day leave to settle some legal issues again just bore the hell of me. And the stress of trying to learn solidworks in the fastest time possible stress me up heavily.

I will survive.

Thought of the day:
As I cast my worries to You, I thank You for what I'm given. Heal me along the way.

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