Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm $400 poorer today.

$250 to skincare products. Yes, expensive. But their products are good and they took me 1.5 yrs to finish a tube of facial foam. :) I repurchase their facial foam at $60. But bought their mask at $59 after $30 off. And a pigment lightening gel for almost half price. It was priced at $200. But now its on offer 1/2 price and with a sample gift together. I've been eyeing at these products for months and finally got them after much consideration, on the account that they can last me for yrs... Given a complimentary facial treatment. Probably I shall enjoy it on Monday, which will be my company's bday and I'm off work. ;p

And $100 for a fish tank. For those who knew me well, I used to have a fish tank filled with goldfish in hall. Yes, I've a boring hobby. I know. But I just love fishes. Call me old. But I love them. So now, I'm building my fish tank again. But I have yet to think of what fish I want. Probably goldfishes again. My brother suggested kissing fish. I want prawns though. Well, I just buy the fish tank and do the designs later. $100 for a fish tank with filter and lightings.

I'm so darn broke! Everything else on my shopping list got to wait. Till my pay day. I think I better do up some financial planning soon. My finances are in a mess. Boohoo...

Even my bible has to wait.... -.-'''

Enjoyed service even though my two dearies were not around. Take care Nigel and Catherine. Health is important. :) Service is on Spending time with family and Rebellion.

Thought of the day:
Spend your time with your family. If you haven't done so. I'm glad I've done so. It has been long since I acc Mum for one full town shopping day. :)

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