Monday, June 12, 2006

I think I'm getting independent at work suddenly. And I'm absolutely happy with that. :)

I saw this cute bible at Life bookshop today! Its with 'Precious Moments' cover! Hard cover available too! But it says Baby Edition. Grr.. But who cares... Haha.. But its at $46.90... It got to wait....

A colleague told me that $500 budget for a wallet is out of the question. Hmm... True I guess. I need to save up.. for a house. I'll shall see what catches my eye. Browse through Renoma and Pierre Cardin today. I think they have some problems in designing recently. I heard Braun Buffel designs were bad this season too. Oh well.. Shall see what catches my eye most. And I guess I just shouldnt spend so much on wallet, especially for my age, especially I've got more important things at hand.

Its going to be a tiring day tmr. Or rather the rest of the week.

I better go to read my book now.

Thought of the day:
Do Everything in Love.

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tornado said...

That's good. That shows that you've matured and experienced in your work liao. Before you know it, you may be guiding newbies very soon liao. ^o^

Wait till you get a Bible and you may be amazed that what the book of Life is all about and how different it is from other books. =)