Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busy busy weekend.

Saturday's Trinity's Young Adult service was on "A G-rated living in an X-rated world". Its about how to cope with today's generation. It focused on how the effects of sexuality and sensuality in today's world, especially with the young generation. Like how many pop songs are ever surrounding the topic on 'love' (Sensuality). Like the top search engine hits is pornography (Sexuality). People start to lose themself in the influx of such thoughts, overwhelming them. The speaker use the bible to explain how Sexuality and Sensuality over-power people. Though I have yet to own any bible, the few lines referred to looks like a story book. I like Cat's bible. It is coloured print. Easy on the eyes. Till I finish my 9 pending story books then. Supper with the grp was fun too, especially talking to this girl - Julin. Always feel good talking to her. :)

Relative visiting day. Though a little tired to drag myself out of bed, its still enjoyable. I'm looking around for a wallet while my uncle was doing his shopping. I did once consider for a LV wallet/coin purse, but till I see a nice design then I'll lay my cash on it. The one I saw at the boutique were too bulky and expensive. I was shown a $950 monogram series. Madness!! My max. budget is about $500 only. Mont Blanc's leather looks good, especially its Nightflight series. In fact, it caught my eye more than LV's. I'm looking for some durable and nice looking ones that I'll love it for some time. A gd and durable wallet is a gd investment. Any suggestion?

I think I'm giving up soon on my Stephen King's book. I'll give a few more tries before I really give up on them. They doesnt seem to catch my interest. Maybe I just prefer heart-warming books. Horror doesnt catch my interest I guess.

My stressful new week starts tmrw.

Though of the day:
Life is good. And will always be good.

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tornado said...

Julin is a nice girl to chat with. She also graduated from NTU. Also in Engineering. Think also in MPE. She only a few years age gap, likes to shop and also a woman of God.
Great that you're comfortable with the NTU click. =)