Monday, June 26, 2006

Somehow... If only I had put effort in school, I wouldn't be struggling with some of my work now. I hate to recall what I learn in school, cause most of the time I can only recall those times I had in hall, playing. As for school work, especially year 1 and year 2, I've probably 10% memory only. Its during my year 3 and year 4 that I woke up slightly, making attempts to save myself.

Actually, something happened, during my year 3, which made me wake up from all my awful sins. Not only in my time management and my prioritising of things, but also a lot of correction with regards to my character flaws. Maybe thats how people learn. Or thats how I've learnt. I reflect, I ask, I question, I think, I learn, I change.

I'm proud of who I am, NOW.

You won't want to know me 3 years ago.

I've to catch up the missing years. Give me strength.

Rather good day today, with my work going on smoothly. Just that I didnt manage to go to Life Bookshop to get my study bible. Maybe tmr or the day after. :) I still can't decide which to get.

Btw, read Totto-Chan! Its such a cute book!

Thought of the day:
I'll work hard, and harder. I need strength.

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