Sunday, June 25, 2006

I was just laughing at a joke I made with Mum.

We both had sinful servings of "Hor Fan" for dinner yesterday. We both experienced weight gain every time we had that for dinner. (If you don't know, my electronic weighing scale at home weighs up to 0.1kg accuracy. Haha) Today, she weigh herself and shockingly gained about 1.5kg and a fat ratio of over 40% (which is kinda dangerous). But when I weigh myself, I'm still at the same weight as yesterday morning. She questioned why.

I told her that yesterday when I was having supper with church friends after service, one of them prayed that we will not get fat in the prayer. Thats why I didnt gain my weight nor fats ratio even after the sinful dose of "Hor Fan".

She was like, 'Sheesh... She shall do that in her future meals.... " *hahahaha* And next time when her friends chat about why others convert from other religion to Christianity (which they usually can't find an answer to that), she'll know the reason. *She looks proud as if she's smarter than her friends. But she knows its just a joke* And the reason is because Christians pray to thank God for the food and that not to grow fat from the food intake.

*What a lame mother I have*

I've just finish meeting with my financial planner. I like the way they plan, and the way they behave. A very down-to-earth approach. I like. They've got me a few plans which will cost me about $200/mth. And I'm comfortable with that amount and its coverage. =)

I'm glad I have had enough rest this weekend. I was pratically sleeping my time away. Intend to take a nap now, but I decided not to, in case I can't sleep tonight. A jog? But the sky looks gloomy. I'll probably return my library books. They were 2 nice books by Tim Parks, but they were too spiritual. Too spiritual for my understanding. Next time maybe.

I've decided to drop the idea on the 'Precious Moments' KJV bible and get a study NIV bible. Thanks Cat for your help! ;p

Thought of the day:
Life is good. Thank You.

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