Friday, June 23, 2006

A tired week. You shld see my eye bags and my eye rings. They'll scare you off.

All so tough for this week. But somehow the presence of a colleague made life more bearable. Maybe his long break rejuvenate him, making him so hyper to entertain me with jokes and keeping my spirits high while I was so zombie-fied by the stress and tasks assigned. Thank God. Bless him on his birthday. Lift him from the sorrows of his loss.

Exhuasted like rotten fish. But I managed to meet up with a good old hall buddy to get my txtbk and have a chat over dinner with him. It is rare that I meet him for meals/coffee, but I enjoyed the chat over the simple dinner. More of such short meals/coffee to come, I hope. All the best, my friend. Good news will come soon! ;p

Weekend's coming but it doesnt mean rest for me. Sat's going ICA with mum in the morning, continue some unfinished work at home in the afternoon, and service at Trinity at night. Sunday's continuing unfinished work at home and meeting my financial planner in the afternoon. (Yes, I finally found a insurance agent at a roadshow last week when I was shopping with Mum. It is one of my 2006 resolution to accomplish an insurance plan for myself.)

Thought of the day:
Obsession is creeping. Rid it.

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