Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Fever

Germany 4 Costa Rica 2

Work ended at 10pm. Missed cell grp gathering and SZ's dinner. But met up with SZ and many ex-colleagues for supposed-clubbing.

Supposed? Well, if you're at DBL O yesterday, you'll know. We were at the lounge chilling out, watching soccer. Just near half-time when the match is getting a little stagnant, the girls attempt to proceed to the dance floor area. Failed attempt. They were playing boring music and eyes were fixed on the TV screens, even at the dance floor area! I can understand that people at the lounge are all, like us, watching soccer and chilling out. But the dance flr!! U'll be amused to see that scene. So its purely watching soccer,chilling out and drinking. Luckily they do sell some cooked food for my empty stomach. It feel so insecure when I only have 50 bucks in my wallet when I left workplace. 22 bucks for cab. 15 bucks for entry. 7 bucks for my hotdog bun. I don't know how I can go home then. Luckily there were guys, for the drinks and the lift home.

Grr.. My fat arms.. Time to go on diet again!

I hate girls who get themself so freaking drunk. Its perfectly alright if you just get a little tipsy or high. But to get yourself totally drunk is so unsightly. I've seen a couple few yesterday. They were so drunk that they are easily taken advantage by the guys! So So easily. A good man will stop you from drinking further if they see you getting high, like my hall-mates usually do. But those who continue to offer drinks often have intentions. Yucks! There were so so many girls drunk yesterday! One worse case I saw before leaving the place was this guy carrying the drunk girl. The girl was wearing skirt. And the way he carried her showed everything under her skirt. Yes, everything. I don't need to be so explicit in my description to tell you how unsightly it is. YUCKS!!

I have no condemnation of girls drinking. It is unavoidable for girls to pick up a little drinking for socialising purposes, for work and social circle. If your job require such socialising, please train up your drinking capability. If you're just drinking for social purposes, please know your limit. I do not have superb drinking capabilities, but I know when to limit myself. Though I haven't get myself drunk yet, I'm sure I don't wanna cross that limit to look so damn ugly. Girls...know your limit....

Back to World Cup.. I think I can easily identify the looks of a German. They look so similar to those I saw in the Hitler movie. Easy-to-recognise features. :)

I hate to see the pressence of one ex-colleague. I hate to see gamblers and pple who goes ard borowing money. Among the bad habits human possesses, to me, the two most hated are Gambling and Adultery. Ask me why. I'll tell you these two broke my family. It was a grave marriage of my mum's wrong choice. I'll nv find myself a gambler. I can't assure adultery though. And I hate people who goes around borrowing money from others. YUCKS! Its disgusting. It is not as if you need money to tide over a problem that comes so unexpected. But.. for other rubbish reasons. People don't owe you a living.

And I've got early confirmation yesterday! My confirmation shld be on July 3rd. But my manager, in order to squeeze me in time for appraisal (which also means yearly increment) which is only during June, gave nearly confirmation and my appraisal as such. Thanks for everything.

Simple day today. Cleaning my room and probably church later.

Relatives visiting us tmrw. So its a eat and shop day.

My 'precious' colleague will be on leave for his church camp for the next entire week. That means I've got some tasks to do. I am quite alright with what I was told to do. But I'm still worried I can't handle some of the technical stuff of machines. I'm still not confident. Hope everything will be alright for the next entire week.

Thought of the day:
It had been a good week. Thank God. I seriously pray for smooth-sailing next-week.

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