Monday, August 14, 2006

Feeling a little jittery for tmr's morning production meeting. Hope everything can go on smoothly. Mercy on me.

I'm glad I'm home early. To rest and be mentally prepared to tmr.

People are high on drugs. BUT I'm high with Bubble Tea. I got myself addicted again.

After going round and round TPY to find for a good hp case, I still did a detour to land myself at the Bubble Tea shop. How greedy. I've been drinking it everyday.

Saying till the term greedy, my Mum commented that I've been a good girl when I was young. I don't shout, don't mess around, don't run around, don't play too much, don't make irritated of adults. I'm just a good, obedient girl. I don't cry for toys, in fact, I don't have toys. I eat what I'm given. And I sit properly when I eat. But the thing is I always ask for sweets. I've a soft spot for sweets. I don't cry for them, but whoever lure me with sweets, I'll go along. Haha!

Since I don't have toys, nor do I live in kampungs with many fun things to play with, I've boring activities. I watch news and like to imitate the news reporter's end statement - Wan An. I listen to radio and sing to the music. In fact, I was told I sing whenever there's a tune around.

Oh well, too bad, I lost my voice. If only God could restore it.

And I must mention, I like this story book of mine very much. --> Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

OK, enough of my boring childhood.

I'll back to my books, for my spiritual growth. :)

Thought of the day:
I'll will do well tmr morning.