Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Disappointed with... the same old thing. The same old 'low' waves hit me. SIGH.

If only.... SIGH.

All these aside....

Praise God. For my rather okay presentation of a Process Change Notice this morning during production meeting. I was still feeling nervous minutes before I present. But everything worked well, especially my colleagues commented that it was rather loud and clear. My prayers worked. :)

My colleagues were saying that I can just marry off a rich guy and I don't need to work after that. I beg to differ from the idea. And if being asked of my criteria, it will still be same, and probably, one point more. Rich is definitely not in the list, far from the list in fact.

To me, one must be
1) Filial
2) Generous but not over-spending
3) Thrifty but not stingy
4) Healthy Lifestyle

Looks (But this part is negotiable. hahaha!)
1) Tall, Tanned and Good Eyesight
2) Double eyelids!
3) Good smile

They are the same as what I mentioned a year back in this entry.

It is not that tough to fulfil this list, in fact, I have met 2 of such. Haha! So I've 2 crushes to-date. One was some years back whom I crushed on for like 4 yrs, and another is.... hmmm... this year.
But I would like to add something more to this list.
- God Glorifying life. A person who knows where his life leads to and to know that his every step glorifies God, even in relationships and romance. (I got this idea from this book titled Boy meets Girl, which I got it over at Life Bookshop last week)

I'm patiently waiting, for a God glorifying romance.

What about you?


tornado said...

Amen. =)

Anonymous said...

U will be suprised that ur future somebody maybe from the one you have in mind.

Be more neutral. Dun skew too much from neutrality and ur life will be more fruitful.

jing xian said...


I hope I can hug on to the hope. And at the same time, be neutral in emotions.

Blessings to you. :D

Anonymous said...

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