Saturday, August 12, 2006

Running running... and running running, and running running... My nose is running running.

Wake up in the morning and rec an sms from Lihua.. invitation to...Jurong Point... Yes... All the way to the west. She miss the good old days too!

A good choice, cause I saw the Giordano jacket which I 'aimed' since Chinese New Year was on 50% off! It was priced at $79, which was a huge deterring factor. But now.. hur hur... hahaha... So my PUMA's gotta wait.

And later at IMM... Great day with a great friend! Simple pleasures. *So Lihua, when r we watching 'Pirates of the Carribean'? I seldom have movie request heh.*

I was worried that my flu virus will spread to her. But well, she already caught it. Or did we both caught it during Sci Centre last Sat? ...huh huh...

My spiritual mood is getting more stable, though it flucuates sometimes still, especially when majority of my close friends are free-thinkers/buddhist/taoist. That seems a little discouraging sometimes.

The 2 questions I can't get off my mind.
Will you hold joss sticks at your close kin's funeral?
Will you still drink and party when you know your limit and to control?

Maybe I'll find my answer (or rather my stand.. since there isnt really a fixed answer)... slowly...

Thought of the day:
I appreciate my dear Lihua. She simply can put smiles on my face. I'm so glad to be filled with lovely friends, who can always make my day, laughing off my silly ideas.