Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So true..

I guess I'm still very much affected. The re-affirmation of the fact easily destroy the next half of my day. I need more strength.

Though I do get a little better after reading one of my spiritual readings. It reads something like this: We do not need to be angry of people and events, because God's great plan is beyond our understanding.

So true. It calmed me down. To explain the sentence, it simply says that we need not get angry over things and people as things are just 'planned' by God, just that you haven't see the great plan as it is in the process of realization. And I was reminded of how a buddy was initially 'angry' with his mobilization exercise, but later realized that it was God's plan afterall. Things turned out better than expected. =)

Keep me in prayer.

Thought of the day:
Exactly 13 weeks...
I can still predict which polo T
will be worn everyday.

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