Friday, November 17, 2006

The best birthday gift I get (so far) made me flush!! Its my first time in life that I actually flush!! The gift is a birthday song... by 10 guys... with their deep and loud voice! Its ultimate!! Too bad I didnt get to record it! What a pity! As they sing my birthday song, I wasnt expecting it. Probably I never had 10 guys singing for me. My birthday song is usually by a mixture of girls and guys. I simply burst out laughing throughout the whole song!!! It is the most scary (but really funny) birthday song I've ever heard. They even asked me if I wanted the Chinese version after singing the English one.

My dear colleagues who brought me so much fun!

Thanks colleagues!! GOD Bless!!!

And to my friend-colleague - XN, thank you for the prezzie!! Its lovely.

Thought of the day:
I need to learn to trust Him and cast my anxieties unto him.

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