Thursday, November 02, 2006

This is too funny!! All NTU Peeps shld enjoy this! Hahaha! I remember doing this feedback form so frequently. (Twice every subject every semester) I always wonder how the lecturer feels when they read the comments, but this is really hilarious! But I think he shld be a funny and interesting lecturer that the students can openly joke with him on the feedback form.

I had a peaceful weekend. Resting on Sat. Meeting a good old friend on Sun. We realised how much we have changed. Or rather much we have aged. How we used to do things in a specific way. How we do it now. How we used to sms at tip top speed. How we rather give a buzz directly instead on wasting time sms-ing the other party. How we used to think that saying at home is a 'boring' thing. How we now love to rest at home. Signs of aging.

I was having random thoughts when I was on the train back home on Sunday. I saw this woman in veil. As in those you'll see with whole body wrapped up, revealing only her eyes for her vision. My random thoughts prompted me. I look at my reflection on the glass walls. And I wonder, how sad it is for her, to be unable to dress up nicely, to wear nice makeup, blushers, lip glosses, to wear neckless, ear rings, acceossries, to show funny faces, monkey faces, pout her lips. BUT another idea came whelming in also. She needn't care about her looks, whether her fats is accumulating, whether she has acne on her skin, whether her hair is untidy, whether her clothes are appropriate for the occasion, whether she look good in taking pictures. =) It is always how one choose to look at things. Random thoughts.... =)

Tuesday was good with an abrupt decision of going for a buffet dinner with colleagues of different department.

Cute and sweet girls geared up to feast. Yummy! Its a nice place at Suntec's Sky Garden Kuishin-Bo. For that price, the food matches that range. After trying various Jap restaurant's buffet, this pretty fits my liking. It served normal variety of sushi. unlimited serving Sashimi, Ebi, Tempura, unlimited serving of various drinks, tepanyakki, mini paper steamboat, etc. For the price, it quite a bargain. =) And thanks to my colleagues! For the next day, they decided that the meal was on them for my birthday's round the corner. Thanks!!

I've a few things in mind that I need. Lasik, braces, house. I need to work hard. Lasik and braces are optional. A roof is more important, but of course, requires a lot of planning.

I'm a little hurt. It still hurts. Oh well...

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