Monday, January 08, 2007

I came across this passage in a spiritual article.

"Today, instead of just calling ourselves Christians or disciples of Jesus, we want to categorize ourselves as Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Orthodox, and a whole cast of other denominations. As this disciple looks upon this division of the Body, he sees trivial differences and a few fundamental differences. Because people are different, it is only natural that Christians will want to praise God in different ways. Some churches might want to sing loudly while others want to sing softly. Some groups might want the church to reflect a certain cultural trait while other groups want another. All these differences are not important as along as there is Christian love in everyone's hearts. The church is the people, and they should decide how to express their love. If there is a group of Christians who proclaim that
their way of worshiping God is the most proper, then they may wish to think about their humility."

Though sometimes singing praises loud in charismatic churches is kind of fun, I cant help but enjoy the peace I feel during worship in traditional churches. There's no right or wrong. Its just preference. Afterall, its just the different ways one prefers to praise God.

To those who care.. Dont worry about me. I'm just a curious cat.

In taking my first step to accomplish my first resolution of Lasik, I booked a Pre-Op Lasik appointment. Fast heh. Appt on 19th Jan. And I've to ditch my contacts one week before the assessment. Grrr... Hope that my eyes wont be dry and cornea wont be too thin. Hope that I'll be suitable candidate for Lasik!

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