Sunday, January 07, 2007

Goodbye 2006. Hello 2007.

2006 is like the 4 seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Fresh. New. Enriched. Everything was a joy and every duty is a passion.

The air was filled with sweetness, unspeakable joy. The happiest months of the year I guess. One word - Sweet.

Just like the season, leaves fell. I fell. I fell hard.

A season where solitary is my solace. Down but not-so-down. =)

I guess I won't want to spend much time reviewing my 2006. I believe that those who read my blog would have got bored if I were to repeat. But I'm glad that my 2006 resolutions were met.

To recap,
1) Savings of 5K.
Not to be defined as target met, but to console myself, I met it if I hadnt bought my 2K iMac. With my kind of spending style, I'm glad with this achievement.
2) Insurance.
Bought. I'm insured. =)
3) Slim down by 5kg.
ONCE met. Was down 7kgs. But grew back another 3kgs.

2006. Came and went. I miss 2006.

2007 is already here. Though it doesnt seem like it is here, I do need to make some New Year resolutions. Many for me this year actually. And the focus this year is - Health and Beauty.
1) Get my Lasik successfully done if possible. (Subjected to Pre-Op Assessment OK)
2) Get my skin properly done up.
3) Slim down by healthy means - Frequent jogging.
4) Learn swimming, blading (I cant brake), cycling.
5) Continue to grow, spiritually and in wisdom.

Wish me luck and give me strength. =)

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