Sunday, March 11, 2007

All my hard work past 2 months...

is to make this event come true...

9th March 2007 - 11th Annual D&D 2007 - Meritus Mandarin Singapore

The night was like a dream. A good but nervous dream. I'm glad its over and yet, I miss the parts so dearly. I wish to relive the moments, less the stress that is.

Last year, I told myself I'm going to take more pictures this year. (Because I was new to the company last yr and do not know many people.) But this year. I didnt take as much pictures as I wished I could. I was too busy to take pictures during the event. I am even too tired to take pictures after the event. I WILL take much more next year!!!!!

Here are the teeny bit I took...

Before the event....

Colleagues... (from other dept)

My daily joy...

And here are my personal VIPs..

1) My comfort, my mentor. I'm very sure he's a special gift from God. =)

2) My precious. My sister. =)

3) My leader. My guide. =)

I dont think God made all these pure coincidents. These 3 whom I'm close to, are all believers of Christ.

The event was quite well done. All thanks to a good emcee. A little more things to handle before everything comes to a closure. Flooded with mixed feelings. I miss my colleagues in the committee who worked so hard. I cant say we were v.bonded, but there's a special bond. I know we will somehow, as part of nature, drift. But well, a special part of memories are there. We all worked through. I miss you all, especially Lileen, Cheng Yang, Meijun and Apple. Maybe we are the ones who went to the Sibu Island trip together, which bonded us more. Thanks pals!!!

Somehow, I've a lot of things to complain about, whine about, but I'm too tired to even do so.

This I definitely have to whine about.. I've got so stressed up that I always think I deserve a good meal. So I've been having good food for the past 10 days and easily gain a 2kg effortlessly. And now, I've to put in so much much much MUCH effort in killing those extra fats away. Where have my new year resolutions gone to???? :X *hides*


HongWei said...

Good job !!

Thank you as i enjoyed myself that night !


jing xian said...

Thanks!! Hope its a memorable one for you!