Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thou shall...

....try to resist shopping.

My nice nice adidas jacket!!!

I fell in love with this almost immediately. So.. after 2 weeks of considering and procrastinating, I just keep my eyes away from the price tag.. Glad that my jacket won many many many praises. =)

A sweet Japanese bag/pouch to match my kimono...

S$40 less 10%... Kinda expensive for a palm sized bag. But Japan fabric and kimono print. If not for the fact that it can be used on many other occasions, I am definitely not getting such an expensive pouch!! Siao..

And this caught my sight.

This is cheaper. S$9.90 less 10%... I can't resist floral prints. (Nice floral prints to be precise) And that probably explain how I got my blog name.

I guess my shopping level is directly proportional to my stress level. The higher my stress level, the more urge to spend and pamper myself in the material way. =)

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