Saturday, March 03, 2007



The ribbon was.. ops.. a little slanted..

Actually I prefer the Korean one. The peach colour is soooo sweet!!

But the size was too big for me.

And had great great fun trying costumes with colleagues!!! But a sinful time with.. Suki Sushi...

A little disappointed with the quality of their food actually.

We finally bought vouchers for D&D.. 3k from Metro, 3k from Robinsons, 2k from Isetan and 2k from Taka. For once, we feel loaded. Haha! Still have got 8k from NTUC yet to purchase.

A tired day. But I should be going back to work tmrw, provided I can wake up in time.

A busy week ahead. My new baby (machine at work). My 75 tables D&D.

I need prayers for strength and favours for all these!! :)

I love my new adidas jacket.

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