Wednesday, May 23, 2007

YAY!! I'm ON LEAVE tmrw!!

YAY~ On leave! Haha! I rarely on leave, the 2nd leave this yr. The first one was a 1/2 day due to my lasik pre-assessment check-up which is like January. And I dont take MCs.

Brr.. but even when I'm on leave, it doesnt mean I'm free and easy.. I'm even busier. I took leave to renounce my Malaysia citizenship. And I've to wait 7 working days for the letter of renunciation. Then I've to register for my IC and passport. And after which, to take oath on 22nd June! I'll be taking some of my long overdue leaves, for busier stuff. More leaves coming up to settle all these admin stuff! Hurray!

Things I plan to do tmrw:
1) Malaysia High Comm to surrender my documents
2) Traffic Police HQ to change my driving licence. (I got my licence when I was on student pass. I need to change identity to IC number!)
3) My wireless keyboard for service in town!!
4) Get nice passport size photoshoots, preferably those with slight makeup and touch-up!!
5) Open CPF investment account.
6) Send resumes
7) Pack my room!!!

OK, I think I only get to do item #1, 2, 4 and 5. The rest are bonuses. Haha! Anyhow I think I will take a few more leave for all the admin work I need for switching citizenship.

I think I know what kind of job I'm seeking. One that can allow me to wear presentable clothes. One that can allow me to put on makeup. More importantly, one that provides me a life long skill - the art of communication. I'm looking at combination of project and sales. A combination of coordination and customer service.

Yes, I was looking at civil service too. But I dont think I can survive there. It is more of scholar-based than performance-based. I didnt have the scholastic certificates to begin with.

The only thing thats holding my resumes now is.... 舎不得。我真的好舎不得。It is really a blessing, to have such great boss and colleagues to come by. Really really thank God for that.


Anonymous said...

JX, I guess u had learn what u had learn in your company. The time you had plus there were guides along, you should have completed the basics and intermediate. I would advise u to leave when u have a chance.

Juz rem dun leave for the sake of leaving. Even when the people u are comfortable have left. Or dun feel uneasy that u are staying there juz to look for a better prospect. If u are honest abt ur work and u really problem. U have to look after urself ...isn't it?

jing xian said...

Yo! Yup! In fact, even though I browse through the recruit and saw eligible job advertisements, I didnt apply. I'm looking for a chance, to go to where I would like myself to be.

I wasn't that afraid of retrenchment. I'm actually trying to sort out where my next step will be. Though I'm more or less having a cleaer idea, I still lack the courage. Probably, I've started to be accustomed to 'comfort zone'. =)