Sunday, May 20, 2007

Been long since my last post. Well, too busy and drained with work. Have been working for the past 12 days, from 7th May - 18th May. Not that I want to clock OT, it was some issues which to-date, still unable to find the root cause. I was merely aiming for a 30-hr OT this month, but it ended up a good 45hrs. Oh well, at least it will be compensated in monetary forms.

My GL's baby girl is out!! Amelia's such a cutie. A little small at 2.45kg, but still, she's one of the prettiest new born I've seen. She's got double eyelids!! Wow! She looks like her mum!! I wonder if she'll inherit her mum and dad's kiddy face. That'll be really cute!

Isnt Amelia adorable??

We're in the era of marriages and babies!! We go through every stage in life. School, University, Hostel life, Graduation, Career, etc etc. Here comes the next stage!

I finally get to rest during the weekend. I've got things yet to finish - Yearly Engineering Report. But having no motivation to even start, and my colleagues are also procrastinating. Oh well, we shall rush our heads off on Monday!

I'm feeling spiritually UP, emotionally UP, although I'm physically DOWN. Even I wake up almost 12pm these 2 days, it doesnt seems to rejuvenate my physical body. But somehow, I feel spiritually and emotionally good. Maybe its the shopping and my motto of 'Minimizing OT, Maximising social life'. I shall go for a jog later!

Speaking of shopping, the GSS is round the corner!! Before the GSS, I've already got myself spending ~S$250 at Isetan Pte Sale. Sales are dangerous. I better save for rainy days. I dreamt that I've got retrenched. -.-''' I need to save.

On a brighter note, my citizenship is approved!! I'm renouncing my Malaysia status and accepting Singapore citizenship!! Hurray!! ;p Not that I hate Malaysia, but I've got no emotions for her. I grew up here, educated here and having all my friends here, I've got nothing to look back. My good memories have always been in Singapore. :)

I think somehow, I'm getting a little worked up by this friend-colleague I have. Somehow, the closer I got with her, the more distance I wish to get away from her. I need wisdom in dealing with this!

I realised that I've got a lot to write, but they seems to be in little little pieces.

To end with a list of prayers:
1) Wisdom in dealing with pple at work as my tolerance level suddenly drop.
2) Strength in my current job.
3) Restore Nigel's workplace safety, of theft and burglary
4) Journey Mercy for 2 friends (also church friends) going on holis - Cat (HK) and Leslie (Viet). Have fun! (Gab, when is our HK trip coming? zzzzzz.....)
5) Strength for all my colleagues this season. I know the Yearly Engineering Report is so NOT motivating.
6) Favour in the job application(s) I sent. Lord, guide me to where I should be.
7) Shopping Smart Anointing ;p
8) Peace in within for all

Ok, take a nap for now, before I wakes up to jog.