Monday, June 18, 2007


Although it is all expected, things are different when they actually happen in real life. But well, for the better of his future, it is always good to know that a colleague is pursuing new interest with better prospects. Though it is always too early to tell about prospects, the important factor of 'direction' makes working life bearable. For me, it is really sad to lose one good colleague, especially when this one is really dear to me. Someone always teaching me stuff, cracking incredible jokes, gives me bday card, send MMS from far far away mountains, gives me any trash which will be useful to me, etc etc. One good friend to keep.

Will definitely miss him very much!! I know it is a tough decision to make. Especially this morning, when he got so undecisive of how to get the resignation letter to boss. All the best in your new job!! God Bless!!

Alright, now, for the pictures took with TCC peeps over 2 weekends. Those who want the originals, msg me.

Ivan/Rong/Sarah-Jane's bday celeb

Was intending to go IKEA Tampines, but the weekend crowd is 'woohoo'... So ended up at some Koufu at Tampines.

Dinner @ Marina Square HK Cafe (香港茶餐厅)

The place was not too bad. Regret that I do not have enough space for any deserts. The portions were a little too big for me.

Yilan and I had a good time laughing at the jokes by Leslie, Wendy and Clement. Hahaha!!!

Amelia after 1 month...

She just refuse to wake up..!!!

I'm only working 2 days this week! Monday and Tuesday!! And Monday's gone!!

I'll be on leave from Wed onwards. Shopping, movie, outdoors, indoors, coffee, tea, lazing, chatting, food. Anything!!! I'm on for (almost) anything!!! Hurray!!!

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