Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun Fun Fun weekend..

I had a eventful weekend!!

It started with a half day leave on Friday for Gab's convocation!

It was basically, yet another, convocation. We are the designated photographers for her event. ;p Congratulations Gabby!! And not to miss out, Kaihui, Elvin and Qihui. Congrats!

2007 08 28 - Colleague Emily's baby 1st Birthday

My colleague is really wonderful. Look at the cakes she bakes and the preparation works she puts in!!

The daddy, mummy and 2 naughty ones..

The colleagues.... And note that the food are NOT catered food. They cooked them!!

This 'long term investment' is irresistably cute!!

2007 08 28 - NDP Preview
I was telling a friend who had only 1 tix to NDP preview:
If Heaven drops a NDP tix down to earth, I would accompany you.

I am very amazed. You know the scarcity if this yr's NDP..
Alright, Heaven gives presents. God gives presents... So....

I love this amazing gadget!!

Sunday (2007 08 29) was another shag day. Pictures taking in NTU was fun and filled with memories. But I was too tired to even dig out my camera. So.. oh well.. till the pictures come...

Fun filled, eventful weekend. I like.

I would just like to sincerely say this:
Thank God. For all the friends. For all the love.

I could only ask for:
More passion in the things I do.
For 1Cor 16:14... Do everything in love.

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