Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What a way to put it...

A conversation with my NTU Year 1 classmate:
[jingxian] Seek † --> Men are jerks says (2:29 PM):
hows things in relationship area?

Selling Meizu, Olympic 2008 Sourvenir, Wii etc NOW!!! says (2:30 PM):
filled up
Selling Meizu, Olympic 2008 Sourvenir, Wii etc NOW!!! says (2:30 PM):

[jingxian] Seek † --> Men are jerks says (2:31 PM):

What a way he puts it. Filled? Or empty?

Another funny scenerio:
My colleague was reading the Msia newspaper - 中国报 in Johor edition. Then he saw this news:

Alex: Oohh.. Wah.. My hometown's news... House robbery...
Everyone else: ooohhh.....
Alex: Eyy... isnt that Yong Wee's house??
Everyone else: Ey.. are u sure???
Alex: Really!! His house! *closer look* Correct mah.. Surname also same.. 徐...
Everyone else: Is it?? Really?? Jing Xian, call your 师父 (Yongwee) to verify!!

jx: dialing for my 师父..

jx: 师父.. your house were on the papers???
YW: How do you know???
jx: Alex saw and said it was your house!!
YW: Really? What papers is that? Singapore edition or Msia??
jx: *finish answering his questions* So who is the man in the picture?
YW: my 公公..
jx: -.-'''''

The world is just so small.. We are so connected.

Or maybe it is just fate.
I finally moved on to a new book! Or rather I finish my previous book and stopped for a month. Mitch Albom's <> is a good read. Recommended! Currently starting on a book which Nigel and Cat got me as Christmas prezzie.. <>.. A book in search of evidence for Jesus.
As I was looking at pictures of me last year, I think... I've aged...

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