Sunday, July 22, 2007


If there is one thing I'm very ashamed of, it will be the incapability to SAVE.

Somehow, my group leader has been reminding me the importance of saving. Almost on a daily basis, he never kept reminding me to SAVE my MONEY!! But somehow, today's conversation stuck thoughts in me. Maybe the balance in my bank acct is reminding me this incapability of mine.

Just to share:
A says (10:23 PM):
did u read today's sunday times?
A says (10:28 PM):
it says dun wait....every year you delay saving and investing, it'll become worse and worse.........
A says (11:39 PM):
easier to save for singles...
A says (11:40 PM):
try to refrain from buying too many unused stuff just because it's cheap...

I'm glad that I'm in a male-dominant working environment. Especially when most of them are already married with kids, they never fail to remind me the importance and significance of saving. I should really really listen to their advice:
Save when you are still single. Invest them to make your money grow.

Friends, heed the advice too.

We dont need lavish meals and luxury goods. Not now, at least.
I shall start saving!!!

The Gunbound craze has rekindled. With Edwin and Huini joining us, we have a great TCC team. Today's a lucky day. See what I've got consecutively.

Edwin and Huini are great players!!!
Ok, playing game is free! Haha! Great way to save!
reading is free, surfing is free, jogging is free, cruchyroll is free, youtube is free, sleeping is free, msn is free, gaming is free, tv is free.... etc etc.... WOOOW.. haha..

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