Thursday, August 23, 2007

One of the vendors came for a short presentation, and one of them caught my attention. He's so handsome.

It has been long since someone caught my sight. (As in looks wise.. Nothing fancy)

I think the last person whom really caught my sight is Edwin Chin. It was first week of school (year 1) and I saw this guy just along some walkway in school. He totally swept me off my feet. And we were both looking at maps to certain labs.. and it turn out that we were lab-mates (with his index number in front of mine, making him always beside me during lab sessions) and hall-mates. Although his looks didnt last long (with the late nights and sloppy hostellite attire kicking in), he is one of those who really caught my sight. It is a pity he doesnt look good in pictures. But here it is..

The aged Ed Chin.

The one I saw today is really really handsome. A Indonesian-Chinese. But I thought he is a american-chinese. Really handsome. *drools*

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