Monday, September 03, 2007

Secret <不能说的秘密>

Watched this yesterday! Nice! :) No regrets waking up early in the morning to go Woodlands to catch this in a 10-persons cinema. :)

Somehow, I didnt expect much for this. But it turn out pleasantly great! Maybe we should lower our expectations in life. Life will be happier this way. :)

And here's our farewell dinner for one of my colleague - Jensen.

Hmm.. I dont have much work related issues with him. But he's one of my closer colleagues. Our conversations always landed in BGR issues! Not that I want, but he is always landing the conversation in that track. *faint* Still, a nice guy. :)

I had a tired weekend... So Monday blues.......
Photo courtesy of Alvin's Amelia. :)

August is finally over!!! Claps!!! Although September didnt start that well, there's increment and bonus to look forward to!! Ok, at least there is something to look forward. :)

For some reason, I'm contemplating to move my blog. Not because of friends, church buddies, colleagues, or even mere strangers... but paternal relatives. I feel insecure in my writings...
Oh well....

Thought of the day:
There or not there?
Not there.

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