Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pri Sch Gathering and Sentosa! *beams*

Life has really been busy...

Lets see...
Mon - OT
Tue - Lewis's Wedding
Wed - Leave to M'sia for dental
Thu - OT
Fri - Sec Sch Gathering
Sat - North Play

There goes a week, in a wink!!

Not many pics to post. I've yet to bug for pics! These are what I have:

Pri Sch Class Gathering (2007 10 05)
They are a grp of friends I lost since 13. I've blog about them a few post before. Here are some pics of us at KTV, celebrating Poon Lip's bday. :)

And the birthday boy..

Hoya Family Day @ Sentosa (2007 10 07)
It has been years since I went Sentosa. And it has been 7 yrs since I told Lihua that we will be going Sentosa together. It took 7 yrs for the realization of the trip to Sentosa. So finally!!!

I think Lihua enjoys my colleagues (YL and CL)... We had trashy time talking lotsa rubbish! Hahahaha....

We finally went Sentosa!!! :D
Lots more pictures actually. But I've yet to gather them from my colleagues.

I've decided to make a change in my diet. Go green!! I've only tried for a few days. And a see a significant change in my skin and hair! 2 kgs down too! Woohoo!!! I still love meat!! *sobz* *control* And they say veges can make a person grow taller too!! Woow!!

Other pictorial updates on sec sch gathering and north play will be updated when I have my hands on them. =)

Have a blessed week! :)

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