Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I finally got the pictures of my weekend!

2007 10 12 - Secondary Sch Class Gathering
A pretty impromptu gathering with abt 1/4 of the class turn up...

2007 10 13 - North Play
I enjoyed playing the games. It is like hall game, but of course, many many times less shiong. But still equally fun! I find that water bomb is a gd way to destress! Too bad we cant play eggs! That will be totally fun! I miss the times in Hall 6 where we played eggs, flour and all sorts of gooey stuff. Brrr!! I wanna throw eegggggssss!!!!

And I found a sec1/2 classmate of mine during this North Play thingy. I seems to be 're-collecting' old classmates these days. I like. :)

I finally got started on Facebook, after so many invites. Let me explore whats the fun that keep this thingy going, making companies lose many workman-hours. Mmmmm....

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tankiannam said...

thumbs up for the pics! :)