Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Finally, I've got a short 1 hr to blog about the past 2 weeks!

28/10 - Hui Min's Wedding

29/10 - Slogged to work and library @TPY after work!
30/10 - On course and cell @ Sarah! (with HUi along! ;p)
31/10 - On course and chit chat session with Min, Shir and Qing way till 1130pm
01/11 - On course and back to JP to dine with my 3 lovely colleagues - C_L and YL
02/11 - Back to work and dinner with LH and HUi!! Korean food!! Yummy!!
03/11 - Citizenship ceremony -> Service -> Min's Post Wedd Celeb BBQ --> KTV
04/11 - Clean my room --> Meet KH for lunch --> jog! -> TPY for toiletries

05/11 - Work!! OT!!
06/11 - Work!! Cell!!
07/11 - Work!! OT!!

Heh... At the rate I'm going, I guess I'll die of exhaution! But still, I welcome invitations to meals, gatherings, outings, anything!!

And here for the interesting stuff! Pics of Min's wedding!! They are just random shots. The professional shots are still processing!!

2007 10 28 - Min's Wedding!

These are what we have now for the wedding!!

And here comes the post wedding celebration!!

2007 11 03 - Min's Post Wedding Celeb!

Tired. But I still love all the fun!

And of course, apart from the wedding, I love those I meet for meals, gatherings, outing! Every outing is fun, enjoyable and unique in its own way! More to come!!

And during citizenship ceremony, I got to know a new friend!! And we kinda clicked well! So cool!!


I need to work tmrw, on a public holiday! :(
But I'm still open for dates/meet-ups. :)

Thought of the day:
Sometimes, being spiritually righteous does not mean good if mere thoughts (and words) weren't put into actions. While being earthly righteous does not mean condemnation, for salvation is upon God's timing. Be righteous and do not judge. Be conscious of own's actions and constantly remind ourselves of the truth given to us and practise in the purest of heart.

Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

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