Sunday, November 11, 2007

Midnight Movie

It has been 3 years since I last did a midnight movie. Yeah, that was when I was in NTU. Ops! I did it again! 3 yrs later, that is.

I watched this:

I think I was having too high expectations. So it didnt turn out as well as I thought. But overall, I still like, even though it is so-so. Afterall, I love animated movies!!! :)

And I think it is kinda weird. I hv a strong sense that I will meet a friend in this particular area. And I really met. It is not like he told me or anything. I'm amazed by my senses somtimes. *Trying to develop some psychic powers* Hahaa!

My week ahead seems to fill up fast again!
Mon: Meet 1st 3 mth JC friend
Tue: Medi/Pedi with HUi and/or cell
Wed: Meet Lihua
Thurs: FTPPS (my 2nd pri sch) Gathering
Fri: (Temporary Empty)

Heh heh... Busy. But I love my busy life. I welcome more to come!! Lalalalala~

I'm so in love with 'Secret' soundtrack. :) The sentimental tunes and getting round my head.. :)

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