Saturday, November 17, 2007

My first 3 prezzies!!

I got 3 prezzies today!

I love this!! Pretty!! In Flowers!! I'm so in love with charm bracelets. So this adds to the 3rd one I have. And this is the one I really like! I've been looking for one with a flower! Ok, I have more than enough of charm bracelets. This is the one that completes my collection. Thank you Choon Lin and Yu Lli!! My 2 dear colleagues whom we clicked and held on so close recently. I really really love this! :) And I really really love both of them!!

And dinner with my 3 dear friends - Min, Shir, Qing! I love the chit-chat (bitching) session totally! And thank you for heavily subsidizing these!! Make me pretty!! Hahaa!!! Thank you girls!!! Thank you for all the joy, all the fun and all the care. *muacks*

They will make me pretty! Thank you.

Also, a very touched card from Xue Ling! Hey, if you are reading, thanks! A card really much appreciated! And I so much wanted to meet you soon! Thank you for your wishes! We can meet up durng your bday! If my little memory doesnt fail, yours is coming too! Heez! Thanks girl!

I'm a happy (but still tired) girl...

And some pics to share with my Primary Sch Gathering (First Toa Payoh Pri) yesterday.

:) But I think I still miss my best friend in this sch. Ailing, she is. I so much want to locate her.


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