Monday, November 12, 2007

Sweet November

The time of the year is here - November!

Sweet November!

For those thinking of getting me prezzies, it is the thought that counts. I've already bought what I need. And I even bought things I dont need. So, it is really the thoughts that counts. And also, presents depends on who the giver is. I received a very simple prezzie last yr that means a lot to me, because the person is special to me. So, I'll be grateful for even the smallest prezzie I get. :)

Also, if you know me well, strictly no soft toys. Meet up for a coffee with me will make me a happy girl.

Give me a hunk! That will be the best prezzie. Throw a tall, tanned and handsome one please. Hahahaaa!! I'm serious. :)


meinu said...

hahaha eh yr present wish so cute de hahaha

jing xian said...

Yeah! It is a wish mah! Hahahaaa!!