Sunday, November 11, 2007

My PINK Baby-G

Alright! I finally fulfilled my 'childhood' dream. My PINK Baby-G.

I was deciding between this 2 when I was in another store today. It is the cheapest I've come across so far, selling at $78 for both new and old designs. And since the old design PINK isnt available, well, I'll pass. But a new colour in new design caught my eye. PINK too, but not the baby pink. It is in BRIGHT PINK. I love things less usual. So this is the one. Haha!

Comparing the 2 pink watches.

Bright vs pale pink. I chose the bright pink. :) I even mms this pic to my dear Gab, whom agreed that the bright pink suits me. The pale pink seems to blend in my skin colour. And pale pink is the usual pink of Baby-G series. While this is an unusual colour for Baby-G. A $78 is a steal.

Of course, I'm not ditching my SEIKO. It still means a lot to me, else I wont spend a few hundreds on it.

I'm just giving myself pre-birthday prezzie. Hahaa!! Its the time of the year! November! Sweet November! :)

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