Sunday, December 23, 2007

i HATE christmas

5 reasons i HATE christmas..
1) Jesus grew one year older. *sigh*
2) The malls get way OVER crowded.
3) The sinful food are getting on the dining tables.
4) Headache when getting xmas prezzie.
5) The true meaning of christmas isnt very well made known and appreciated.

Poor Jesus got one year older. But I dont think He minds.

If I could petition, I hope that the govt could try to control the population of Singapore. I know there is economic boom when people spend. More pple, more spending, more economic growth. But the situation is getting way too exaggerating. There is crowd everywhere. I dont think the govt feels the impact anyway. They dont go to the malls. Maybe God should do a mega-flood again, to take control of the situation. *struggle for breathing space*

Needless for explanation, sinful food lures me. Gluttony is a sin.

The idea of xmas has been commercialised. We, now, buy xmas prezzies for the sake of buying. And to accommodate all, we buy trashy stuff for one another. In short, we buy more trash and give more trash. The ones smiling at the end of the day are the retailers. They must be the ones who invented the slogan: The season of giving. The hoax slogan.

What does Christmas mean to you? For believers, it is our saviour's birthday. For non-believers, it is a religion's founder's birthday. It is a day of remembering Him. Some Christmas carols are quite crappy. Personally, I feel that the Christmas song - "Joy to the world" contained the essential meaning of Christmas.

i HATE christmas. To be precise, I hate the commercialised christmas!!

I guess the super duper crowded malls and the buying of prezzies made me real cranky. Does GOD want us to show our love for one another in this way? Jesus gave a lot of prezzies to mankind when He was up and running on earth. He gave sincere gifts - gifts of miracles, gift of truth, gift of life. He gives things mankind need. He gives comfort mankind needs. He gives eternal life mankind needs.

We, disciples of Jesus, give trashy stuff mankind doesn't need.

The best gift you can give to someone is your time, your love, your listening ear.

The best gift I receive so far must be Trinity's Christmas play/performance. It is amazing. Ask anyone who attended it. Astounding is an understatement. I am deeply impressed. God must be at work! Well done!!


tornado said...

Yah! I agree that Christmas has been overly commercialised! I like what you said about giving thrash to each other. Coz most of the time, what people want materialistically is way beyond our "friends" budget.

Though God says that it's blessed to give than to receive, we shouldn't take it so literally.

Glad you are charged up spiritually after the Father's love. Indeed it's really something unexpected, wonderful, out of this world.

Anonymous said...

wa so fierce lOl


jing xian said...

Yea man! I hate commerialized christmas! It is distorting the meaning of christmas!! Roar!

Trust me. SG was so freaking packed during before xmas! I cant breathe. Unlike someone enjoying fresh air in some cool country! Bleah! Hahaa!!